How Do I Find My Employers EIN and Tax ID Turbo Tax?

Do you have all the information about filing tax returns and Employers EIN and Tax ID Turbo Tax ? Well, this should be easy to answer for all those who pay tax. Leaving aside all the other details the one thing that must always be remembered is the EIN number of your employer. The Employer Identification Number has nine-digit numbers that are provided to the employer by the IRS. This is given to identify companies and business if you’d like to know more information regarding EIN or Tax ID then you can connect any time with Turbo Tax Support Number. This blog will guide you on how to locate the EIN or Tax ID. Just read along carefully.

Employers EIN Tax ID

The perfect spot to look for your EIN or Tax ID:

  • You would have to go to the Box b of your W-2 form and here you need to look for the nine-digit number which has a hyphen after the first 2 digits such as NN-NNNNNNN.
  • You would probably find the nine-digit number just above your employers’ name or just below their address on the current page.

Are you without a W-2?

If you do not have a W-2 then the best thing you can do is wait patiently for it to be delivered to you through any source such as email message or e-delivery.

Other options to find the EIN while you are waiting for your W-2:

  • First of all, you’ve got to ask your employer there i.e. the accounts department or the HR.
  • You can get the EIN from your previous years W-2 this can only be done if you are still at the same workplace. That’s if only your same EIN has been saved with your employer.
  • Now if you are working in a public trade company then you can go and sear for their 10-K on your browser.
  • Then on the 10-K, you need to look for the IRS Employer Identification Number, you would find it displayed on the first page, but if your employer had many other EINs then it may not work this way out.
  • In case your employer happens to go bankrupt, you can search the court docs related to find the EIN. There are times when the EIN can be found on the docket sheet, having their name and address on it.

Other than this there is no other way to find the EIN as it cannot be retrieved in any case and there are no records saved for employers EIN or any private info.

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