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TurboTax is a software which helps a user to file tax online easily. You can file both federal and state tax without hassle. it was was developed by Michael Chipman in 1980. Then company was called Chipman of Chipsoft. Intuit acquired TurboTax in 1993.

The software has easy interface which allows user to process and e-filing of tax returns. it is available for home and business user in United State and Canada.

Intuit has various services. We will try to cover each one of them and explain in words so it will be easy for you to understand.


Online TurboTax Services and charges.

You can do it.

Free Edition – in free edition, you can prepare your tax and print it from your device using printer also you can e-file your tax return.

Free Edition plus– Software allows you to search 350+ tax deduction and credits. It maximizes your mortgage and property tax deductions. Your donations can be calculated as well.

Deluxe- everything that you are getting in free edition of TurboTax is added in Deluxe addition. This edition allows you to cover your stocks, bonds and other investments. Not to forget, it also includes ESPPs. User can set the software to import your investment income right into software.  If you have rental property and tax deductions. This edition will be idle for you to use. Deluxe version has added new feature which allows user to calculate their gain and loss for cryptocurrency as well.

Premier edition of TurboTax- all features of free & deluxe edition is in this edition. customer gets guidance from intuit if you are a contractor, freelancer or small business owner. The software can help you with industry specific deduction and tax breaks. The best part is, you get personalized audit assessment which will help you know if you are taxation is right or where you should make changes.

Assist & Review

with all TurboTax edition, you get an extra premium service from TurboTax called “Assist & Review”. A live CPA end EA will review your return and help you file your tax. Please know since it is premium service, they will not charge you for software, but they will charge for CPA and EA services. Once you purchase this service, you can get their help all year unlimited time until you are done with your tax

Please find the charge below.

  • Basic edition – $79.99
  • Deluxe edition – $119.99
  • Premier edition -$169.99
  • Self-employed – $199.99

TurboTax-Full Service

In this service, you will not need to anything from the start to end, you will have CPA and EA to everything for you. This is a premium service as well so you will have to pay a good amount for this service as from A to Z is being done by TurboTax.

Price list of TurboTax Full Service are below.

  • $129.99 for Basic
  • $199.99 for Deluxe
  • $25999 for Premier
  • $289.99 for Self-Employed

Why do I need Turbo Tax Phone Number?

Think about when you have some issues related to Turbo Tax software. This is when you need an expert on the phone so here is our Turbo Tax Phone number for our subscriber. Call our Turbo Tax phone to get your questions answered by an expert. This number also works as Turbo Tax Customer service number. When you Turbo Tax customer service number, you will need to select IVR option for Turbo Tax Customer service or Technical department.

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